Medical implants & instruments

Locking plate systems as small & large fragment system, polyaxial locking plate system as well as implants and instruments for the hand & foot area.
Variable angle titanium locking plates. Traumatology, orthopedics, osteosynthesis.

Titanium Locking Plates Systems

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Instrument Set, Graphic Case, Screw Set, Plate Set for small / Large Fragment Titan Locking. Locking screws 5.0 mm, Titanium screws 4.5 mm, Wide plates, Narrow plates, Proximal tibia plates. T-plates, Distal lateral tibia plates, Lateral, Distal femur buttress plates, Titanium screws 3.5 mm and 2.7 mm. Prebend anatomical radius plates, Anatomical T-plates, Volar, Torx/Star bit, Torque screw Driver. Drill guide, Quickcouplig, Kirschner wire, Calcaneus Plates, Humerus Plates, Humeral Plates medial, Dorsolateral, Olecranon. Distal Tibia, Tibia Anterolateral, Clavicle Hook, One Third Tubular, Pre-bend Anatomical Radius, Trays and sterilization Container.

Titanium Locking PlateLocking Plate

Polyaxial Plate System

for the "open-wedge" surgical technique of hallux valgus primo-varus

for the arthrodesis of the MTP1 joint

distal radius plates

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Radius Plates, Distal, Drill Block, Instruments and surgical set

Polyaxial Locking PlateLocking Plate systems


We have specialized in the production of Angle stable implants & instruments in medical technology.

Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our Titanium Locking Plates as well as Polyaxial Plates Systems product portfolio is constantly expanding.

Through our webshop / online store we would like to be present in the field of medical supplies / practice supplies in the future.


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Polyaxial titanium plates and instruments are used in foot and hand surgery. These plates have polyaxial screws that can be inserted multidirectionally into the plate holes, allowing greater flexibility during surgery. The hand and foot plate system is used for polyaxial locking plate technology. These systems are typically supplied with an instrument kit that includes screwdrivers, drill blocks, and introducer sleeves.

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